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Athenian Yachts is a family-owned business with over 34 years' experience in boat sales, yacht charter & management and yacht maintenance.

Quality, professionalism and value have made Athenian Yachts one of the most respected names in the European marine industry.

New Yachts Sales Athenian Yachts since 1988 is the exclusive dealer throughout Greece for Jeanneau with the sale of New Jeanneau Sunfast, Sun Odyssey and Yachts ranges.

Athenian Yachts Brokerage

Our brokerage business always has a wide selection of used sailing yachts and motorboats for sale from Jeanneau and other major manufacturers.

Our experienced sales team handles all aspects of the sale including advertising, sales contract documentation, closing, insurance, survey, title transfer, logistics, insurance and corrective maintenance...

Athenian Yachts Charters With Athenian Yachts you have the choice of more than 180 Jeanneau sailing boats of different lengths, capacities and specifications.

These models are of great functionality and elegance, all newly acquired and in excellent condition.

Our boats can accommodate from 4 to 13 people, depending on the model, and all have standard equipment which includes: fully equipped kitchen, linen, CD/mp3 player, GPS navigation system, depth sounder, full safety equipment and many other accessories to sail in peace and comfort.

We currently operate our charter fleet in 7 bases that cover the five main sailing destinations in Greece; the Ionian Islands, Cyclades Islands, Saronic Islands and Argolic Gulf, Sporades Islands and Dodecanese Islands.

Each location offers excellent cruising waters, clear seas, with hundreds of places to cruise to and things to do.

We can deliver an unforgettable holiday filled with ideal sailing, beauty, culture and history.. Every Greek destination is the birthplace of an ancient god, every place in our country hides a myth, a magical story, the energy of which is kept alive until today! Let’s discover it...

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